Techniques Strategy

Reports on Recent Performance of Euro in Debt Crisis


InvestTechFX reviews on a currently fashioned slender sideways this is approximately inside a 50 pip variety on both facet of the years mid-point, which has the euro equal to $ 1.39 US bucks. Technical traders who make use of eastern candlesticks for FX buying and selling fee analysis can without problems confirm this sideways movement on a every day chart, …

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Momentum strategies in futures and forex

i’ve long found that it is less complicated to find good (i.e. excessive Sharpe ratio) suggest-reverting techniques than true momentum strategies. partially, that is due to the fact i used to be mainly a stock dealer in preference to a futures/currencies trader, and character shares suggest-revert maximum of the time. There are exceptions, along with after special corporate activities inclusive …

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Forex – Advanced Strategy Techniques


THE “AT work” technique someone as soon as commented that this approach is exceptional if you can be in front of your pc, but tough to do if you have to be at paintings on the best time to do the exchange, or riding to work, or have to be some other place. here’s a suggested method if you are …

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